Adventure in China

Recently I have just come back from a trip to China.  I first went to Shanghai and then Hong Kong.  The reason for my trip was to explore my options for starting a active wear label of my own.  Why??  The answer:  because I'm in it all day and nearly everyday so why not create something that I like to wear and work-out in.  I was very fortunate to have some help on the way so I was able to meet with a manufacturer in Hong Kong who will make the clothes for me. It's very exciting to see what was an idea over a pizza in Woollahra come to fruition.  I've still got a way to go yet!!!  I'm looking forward to seeing where this new journey will take me.  New beginnings are sometimes scary and exciting all at the same time.  MsGreenSt here we come!!

Get Active!!

Fitness is very important to include in our busy lifestyles.  It not only makes us feel fitter and look healthier it is also great for our mind and soul.  I always feel so much better after I include a little bit of fitness in my day,  whether is be pilates, yoga, running, training session or just a nice stroll in the park or near the water.  My mind becomes a lot more clear and my body feels much more mobile.  Sometimes on the days I feel tired I will just go for a short walk and have a stretch, it’s amazing how much better you feel afterwards.  There is nothing like being outdoors and breathing in the fresh air to help lift your mood and energy.  Love a bit of Mother Nature!!  

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Pilates Roller Workout

Yesterday I had two very strong pilates students of mine in a roller class.  I thought I would challenge them with a workout targeted on butt and thighs.  Both women are very fit and healthy so they could keep up with the pace of lots of lunges, squats, plies and balancing on the roller.  In my pilates roller classes I like to be creative and mix yoga, pilates and functional movement to give the clients a total body workout.  If you feel tempted and happen to be in Paddington, Sydney contact me and give my classes a go.  Your butt will thank you!!

Vivid Sydney

I've been living in Sydney for many years now and it just keeps on getting better and better.  Last week I took a lovely pilates client of mine to the the Opera House in Sydney to see the reputable ACO perform with the Presets in a production called "Timeline", at the same time the Opera House was decorated by the lights from the Vivid festival.  The show was a chronological timeline of music from the "Big Bang" up to the present time.  The concert ended with an amazing collaboration called "Continuum" created by the guys from the Presets and Richard Tognetti who is the artistic director of the ACO.  I must say that I was very inspired visually and also inspired to play different types of music from all different periods of time in my pilates classes.  Nothing like music to calm the mind and get the body moving.  Thank you Sydney!!


Yoga and the Beach

My good friend Sami J who is an amazing photographer inspired me to do some yoga postures down on the cliffs at Clovelly Beach over the weekend.  Clovelly is a special spot on the coastline of Sydney.  It was a perfect Sunday so we both got creative.  Here is one of the shots.  The ocean was crystal clear!!  Here I am doing the "Dancer's Pose".

Vogue and pilates

Happened to come by a very cool picture of a trendy shot of the teaser on the cover of Vogue magazine.  It reminds me of those old photographs of Joseph Pilates training his students in New York.  She's in the perfect pilates "teaser" position!!