Get Active!!

Fitness is very important to include in our busy lifestyles.  It not only makes us feel fitter and look healthier it is also great for our mind and soul.  I always feel so much better after I include a little bit of fitness in my day,  whether is be pilates, yoga, running, training session or just a nice stroll in the park or near the water.  My mind becomes a lot more clear and my body feels much more mobile.  Sometimes on the days I feel tired I will just go for a short walk and have a stretch, it’s amazing how much better you feel afterwards.  There is nothing like being outdoors and breathing in the fresh air to help lift your mood and energy.  Love a bit of Mother Nature!!  

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Pilates Roller Workout

Yesterday I had two very strong pilates students of mine in a roller class.  I thought I would challenge them with a workout targeted on butt and thighs.  Both women are very fit and healthy so they could keep up with the pace of lots of lunges, squats, plies and balancing on the roller.  In my pilates roller classes I like to be creative and mix yoga, pilates and functional movement to give the clients a total body workout.  If you feel tempted and happen to be in Paddington, Sydney contact me and give my classes a go.  Your butt will thank you!!

Peta Pilates!!

After a full week of teaching pilates, yoga and fitness I needed to treat myself and do my own workout.  I really love getting on the pilates reformer as it makes me connect with me core straight away and also lengthens and strengthens the muscles. The great thing is you can get creative with the exercises as well.  In this picture I was doing the backbend exercise which is perfect for opening the front of the body, especially the chest.  If you feel like you've been slouching over a desk all week a bit of back extension will do wonders for your posture.  Give it a try!!